Private label adhesive opportunity

Elevate your business with us, the premier contact adhesive manufacturer. Discover a synergy of quality, reliability, and innovation as we collaborate to enhance your product line. Boost sales with your own Private label brand, offering professional-grade, high-quality sprayable contact adhesives. Join us in transforming your business dynamics and satisfying your customers adhesive needs.

Start your own spray adhesive product range

Elevate your turnover in the realm of contact adhesive canisters and aerosols by forging a strategic partnership with our company. Together, we can create an exclusive adhesive range tailored to meet the diverse needs of your customers.

Through seamless collaboration, we aim to develop a comprehensive lineup of adhesives that cater to various applications. From specialty formulations to versatile packaging options, our joint efforts will result in a bespoke adhesive collection that not only enhances product offerings but also attracts a broader customer base. Let's work together to elevate your business and provide unparalleled solutions in the adhesive industry


DASA is your reliable spray adhesive partner

DASA streamlines adhesive decisions, aiding in the selection between our trusted DASA adhesive products or a bespoke Private label option. We guide you in choosing the ideal glue for your clientele, offering expert advice to meet unique requirements. Beyond adhesives, we supply all necessary accessories for efficient canister or aerosol glue application.

Additionally, we take care of personalized MSDS and technical data sheets, tailored to any language. With DASA, you receive not only top-tier adhesives but also comprehensive support, ensuring a seamless and successful integration of our products into your lineup. Trust us for a partnership that goes beyond delivering quality – it's about empowering your business with tailored solutions and unmatched expertise.


At DASA, sustainability is ingrained in our ethos, especially evident in our contact adhesive products. Compliant with EC regulations, our commitment extends beyond mere adherence – we prioritize producing the most non-hazardous glue products to minimize environmental impact.

From sourcing eco-friendly raw materials to employing responsible manufacturing processes, we ensure every aspect aligns with green practices. Beyond formulations, we actively incorporate environmentally friendly waste management strategies, promoting a circular approach to product life cycles.

By choosing DASA, you not only benefit from high-performance adhesives but also actively participate in fostering a cleaner, safer future. Join us in embracing adhesive solutions that harmonize quality, environmental responsibility, and sustainable waste practices for a brighter tomorrow.

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