DASA head office

Welcome to DASA, your hub for innovative bonding excellence. We are located in a typical Dutch Watertower, a monument dated from the 19th century. With a splendid view over a great part of Holland. Just a 30 minutes drive from Amsterdam.

As a leading adhesive manufacturer, we proudly deliver superior adhesive qualities tailored for diverse industries. Beyond offering top-notch products, we're your strategic partner in adhesive solutions.

Understanding the unique needs of wholesalers in various branches, our extensive adhesive range surpasses industry standards. From insulation to roofing construction, our solutions are crafted to exceed your bonding requirements.

Distinguishing ourselves, we specialize in private label glue, letting you market high-quality adhesives under your brand, boosting visibility and credibility. Our unique filling service in aerosols and canisters adds packaging flexibility, making us the preferred adhesive supplier for reliable partnerships in the industry.

Collaborate with DASA, your bonding partner, and unlock endless possibilities. Our dedicated experts provide personalized support, ensuring access to exceptional adhesive products along with industry knowledge for your success.

History of DASA

Embark on a two-decade journey of adhesive excellence with DASA, a leader consistently delivering top-tier contact adhesives across diverse European sectors. Our visionary quest to redefine the adhesive landscape has spanned over 20 years, establishing us as a trusted name in adhesive manufacturing.

What sets us apart is not just longevity but a commitment to meeting dynamic client needs on a European scale, ensuring swift production without compromising hallmark quality for timely and reliable deliveries. Central to our success is a meticulously formulated range of contact adhesive sprays, attesting to our versatility across various materials. Join DASA for a legacy of achievement and a future marked by innovation and reliability across Europe.


Production at DASA

Welcome to DASA, your adhesive ally, where excellence in adhesives meets unparalleled service. As a premier adhesive manufacturer, we specialize in top-tier products adhering to the highest European standards, emphasizing precision and quality. Our commitment to efficiency is reflected in short production times, ensuring prompt fulfillment of your adhesive needs. Serving as your adhesive partner, we take pride in providing a comprehensive filling service, packaging your adhesive in convenient canisters. This, coupled with our commitment to quality, enables seamless delivery across Europe, meeting diverse industry demands.

At DASA, we prioritize European regulations, ensuring strict adherence for peace of mind and exceptional adhesive solutions. Quality is our cornerstone, delivering perfect glue for optimal performance. Choose DASA for a seamless blend of quality, efficiency, and collaboration, elevating your adhesive experience with our commitment to excellence across Europe.

DASA Laboratory

Step into DASA's innovation hub, where excellence springs forth from our in-house adhesive laboratory. Within our facilities, a dynamic space is dedicated to testing and developing cutting-edge adhesives, reshaping industry standards. At our core is an unwavering commitment to progress. Our skilled team of chemists, stationed in our state-of-the-art laboratory, continuously explores new frontiers in adhesive technology. Their mission is to create adhesives surpassing the demands of evolving industries, thriving on the challenge of developing solutions for new materials and seeking fresh glue opportunities that cater to dynamic client needs. DASA's proactive collaboration sets us apart.

Actively seeking input from wholesalers, we work in tandem to understand their needs, guiding our chemists to formulate adhesives that precisely align with partner requirements. In our laboratory, innovation is a way of life, pushing boundaries, testing limits, and discovering new possibilities in adhesive science, resulting in a portfolio that stands as a testament to our dedication to industry leadership. Partner with DASA to explore a world of possibilities. Witness the synergy of technology, innovation, and collaboration in creating adhesives setting new industry standards.


Mission & Vision

DASA leads in providing innovative, environmentally responsible adhesive solutions, prioritizing safety, sustainability, and performance. Our transformative vision pioneers cutting-edge technologies, aiming to become a global, trusted adhesive manufacturer. We consistently deliver safe, efficient, and eco-friendly solutions, contributing to a cleaner, greener future through responsible business practices.

Future initiatives include heavy investment in eco-friendly formulations, sustainable sourcing, advanced spray systems, and adherence to international regulations. DASA is committed to minimizing the carbon footprint and developing non-hazardous adhesives, prioritizing safety in both application and working environments.

Private label solutions

Explore our company's distinctive offering—a fully customizable solution for our entire spray adhesive range through our Private label option. Tailor your adhesive experience by selecting both the quality and packaging that best suit your needs. Whether it's a specific adhesive formulation or a personalized packaging design, we are committed to accommodating your preferences.

With our Private label service, you have the freedom to craft a unique brand identity for our high-quality spray adhesives, ensuring alignment with your vision. Elevate turnover in contact adhesive canisters and aerosols through a strategic partnership, creating an exclusive adhesive range that meets diverse customer needs. Let's collaborate to enhance your business in the adhesive industry, providing unparalleled solutions and attracting a broader customer base.


Support & Know how

Why Choose DASA for Sprayable Adhesives?

  1. Expert Guidance: Tap into our team's extensive adhesive manufacturing expertise for navigating sprayable adhesive applications.
  2. Tailored Solutions: Crafted to meet your unique application demands, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
  3. Responsive Support: Our priority is your success, providing swift and effective solutions from selection to troubleshooting.

Our Unique Offerings:

  1. In-Depth Know-How: Benefit from our hands-on knowledge, empowering informed decisions for your projects.
  2. Training Programs: Elevate your team's expertise with specialized training, maximizing our products' potential.
  3. Continuous Innovation: Committed to industry trends, ensuring cutting-edge solutions for evolving application demands.

Experience the DASA Difference:

  1. Reliability: Count on consistent quality in every canister and aerosol.
  2. Customer-Centric Approach: Beyond a supplier, we're your partner in adhesive success.
  3. Comprehensive Support: From selection to ongoing assistance, our support continues beyond the sale.

Ready for the next level in sprayable adhesive technology? Contact DASA today for a collaborative journey toward adhesive excellence.


At DASA, sustainability is ingrained in our ethos, especially evident in our contact adhesive products. Compliant with EC regulations, our commitment extends beyond mere adherence – we prioritize producing the most non-hazardous glue products to minimize environmental impact.

From sourcing eco-friendly raw materials to employing responsible manufacturing processes, we ensure every aspect aligns with green practices. Beyond formulations, we actively incorporate environmentally friendly waste management strategies, promoting a circular approach to product life cycles.

By choosing DASA, you not only benefit from high-performance adhesives but also actively participate in fostering a cleaner, safer future. Join us in embracing adhesive solutions that harmonize quality, environmental responsibility, and sustainable waste practices for a brighter tomorrow.

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