Manufacturer of contact adhesives

We specialize in crafting high-quality sprayable contact adhesives and primers, tailored for diverse applications. Our products offer reliable bonding solutions, ensuring efficiency and precision in every use.

Filling of canisters

Dedicated to excellence, we meticulously fill glue canisters with premium sprayable contact adhesives, meeting the rigorous demands of diverse professional applications. Our high-quality formulations ensure optimal performance, providing a reliable bonding solution for professionals who prioritize precision.

From industrial projects to creative endeavors, our products stand as a testament to quality and efficiency, offering a seamless and effective adhesive solution for those who demand the best in their work.


Filling of aerosols

We excel in filling glue aerosols with top-tier sprayable contact adhesives, catering to the discerning needs of professional users across various applications. Our commitment to quality ensures these high-performance adhesives deliver reliable results, offering a versatile solution for professionals in diverse industries.

From crafts to industrial projects, our precision-formulated adhesives empower professionals with a tool that embodies excellence, efficiency, and durability, setting a standard for reliable bonding in their demanding work environments.

Filling of cans

Specializing in precision, we meticulously fill glue cans with premium sprayable contact adhesives and primers tailored for diverse professional applications. Our high-quality formulations guarantee optimal performance, providing a steadfast bonding solution for professionals across various industries.

From intricate crafts to industrial projects, our products exemplify excellence, ensuring reliable adhesion and efficiency. Trust us to deliver the perfect blend of quality and versatility in every can, meeting the exacting standards of professionals who demand superior performance in their work.


Contact adhesive for bonding materials

Unlock the potential of seamless bonding across a spectrum of materials with our versatile contact adhesives, available in convenient aerosol or canister formats. Whether it's carpet, EPDM, carton, wood, metal, PVC, plastics, laminate, or any professional-grade material, our sprayable contact adhesives ensures a robust and enduring connection. Our mobile spray systems stand out as the epitome of efficiency, offering a precise and even application method for projects of all scales.

Elevate your craftsmanship with the reliability and adaptability of our contact adhesives, tailored to meet the demands of professionals across diverse industries. Experience the future of bonding technology with our comprehensive range of contact adhesives, transforming the way you approach material connections.

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Contact adhesive for various applications

Our contact adhesives revolutionizes bonding across diverse materials with its versatile applications. Available in convenient aerosol or canister form, these adhesives offers a professional and cost-effective alternative to manual gluing. From wood and metal to fabric and plastics, it seamlessly adheres to almost every material used in professional settings. The ease of spraying ensures an even and efficient application, enhancing the bonding process.

Whether in carpentry, insulation, flooring, upholstery, or crafts, our contact adhesives proves indispensable for its reliability and adaptability. Elevate your projects with the precision and efficiency of our contact adhesives, a go-to solution for professionals across various industries.

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