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Private Label

As a manufacturer, we are open to a partnership with your company.
Through your own Private label whether it is qualitatively strong DASA label you create a very strong adhesive range or product. Expand your adhesive range with a reliable manufacturer that supports you and thinks along.

Determining the right adhesive quality for your application or industry is our core business. Trust our experience in determining the right adhesive quality for your customers.

DASA is our sales company for all of Europe and is set up for your convenience. During the whole Private label trajectory you have 1 point of contact. In short, we work with short lines to ensure that the entire process runs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What DASA can arrange for you?
The choice process of one DASA label or Private label set up to deliver the right adhesive quality in the right packaging, we take it completely off your hands. There is a choice of various adhesive qualities in pressure vessels, aerosols, cans and Melt glue cartridges. In addition to adhesives, we also offer a complete package of accessories. All associated accessories such as spray guns, spray hoses, hand rolls and other supplies are delivered directly from the factory.