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You benefit from a partnership with DASA

Consistent adhesive quality and reliable production
Flexibility in order quantity
Delivery in all European countries
Availability of the latest adhesive formulas
Personalized MSDS and TDS sheets
Complete range of non-harmful adhesives
Various packaging options
All products have EU standards
22 years of production experience
Freedom in choice of glue and packaging

DASA Filling Service
One of our specialties is filling pressure vessels, aerosols or cans with your own adhesive product. Finding the balance between ingredients to make your adhesive product squirt clean from a container is our job. This allows you to let your customers work with your adhesive product from an efficient pressure vessel adhesive system or a handy aerosol.

DASA Laboratory
You can send samples of the adhesive product to enter into a partnership with us. In our laboratory, our chemist assesses your adhesive product to determine whether it is suitable for filling in the pressure vessel system or aerosol. In case of a good test, we will send a test sample in a container of your choice in consultation. After your approval you will receive the Material Safety Data Sheet and a Technical Data Sheet belonging to your new adhesive product according to EU guidelines.

DASA test procedure
The entire testing procedure takes approximately 3 weeks. Contact will be kept about the course of the procedure and technical information will be requested and / or exchanged if necessary. With a positive completion of the test procedure, you will have a unique adhesive product that puts you ahead of the competition.

DASA partnership
The concept of an adhesive product in a pressure vessel and / or aerosol has taken off in Europe in recent years. In various industries, the most commonly used tin glue types are now also available in a pressure vessel and / or spray can. Follow this glue trend with us and approach us for a partnership.